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Galeo forest

New album is out "FAT PRODUCER"

New release:
Fat drums, fat bass, fat hiphop + scratches + cuts 
Old school boom bap



Ogi feel the Beat

Mar. 15, 2018

Fat producer

New releases:

Feb. 21, 2018

New albums are @CHILLHEAD and @PROSPECT 2018

New releases:

Its a laidback chilled, and for chillout,as medicine threatment,enjoying the sea, or massage, or joga, enjoying the life, relaxation, correction of minds. This 2 albums are in this spirit. No bad vibes.

Ogi feel the Beat

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Hiphop, triphop, downtempo, electronica, techno, trap, house, drumnbass, experimental...

new album - - -

"Concept" 2014

Collab with this 2 guys

September scratches

beat battles


Atmosferic transition

She and dogma (deep house)

DJ Electronic Jack got his first EP out
He is electronic influented Chill- Trap new school artist
Check whole material here

Releases in 2018 we love

Mar. 17, 2018

Obsessive chillout - Euphoria & obsession

Hard chill and heavy lounge

Mar. 17, 2018

Shaman Feelinshere - Fisical theory

House music

Better than ever feat. Angel Dee

Walking like a zen

2 streets closer

Be yours